Kitchen Aid Washer Washing Drain Pump 2-Bomba Lavadora #133658639

Kitchen Aid Washer Washing  Drain Pump 2-Bomba Lavadora #133658639
Item# kitchen-aid-washer-washing--drain-pump-2bomba-lavadora
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Product Description

Kitchen Aid GBS# 133658639 Washer Washing Machine Drain Pump Bomba Lavadora Product Specification: The pump outlet is 1-3/4", & has a check valve (rubber flapper) in the pump outlet. This is not the most common pump used on Whirlpool made washers. The most common pump is part GBS # 133653659 that has an 1 1/4" outlet (this pump is listed in our store). A direct drive washer, is a machine that does not utilize a belt. Kitchen Aid Washer Pump / Bomba de agua Kitche Aid Kenmore Washer Pump / Bomba de agua Kenmore Roper Pump / Bomba de agua Roper Sears Pump / Bomba de agua Sears Kitchen Aid Pump / Bomba de agua KitchenAid State Pump / Bomba de agua State Dryer Timer / Bomba de agua Hotpoint GE We Can help you: If you want to be sure this is the correct timer for your model email me your dishwasher model # and I will verify if this will work. Español Call Free USA CANADA 1-800-899-7162 Out USA Export 954 793 8134 Si no esta seguro de la refaccion o repuesto secadora que necesita escribanos le ayudaremos, indique el modelo y la serie a

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