GE GBS21X52439 Range Burner Infinite Switch-Control infinito

GE GBS21X52439 Range Burner Infinite Switch-Control infinito
Item# ge-gbs21x52439-range-burner-infinite-switchcontrol-i
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Product Description

GE WB21X5243 Electric Range Burner Infinite Switch -Control infinito resistencia estufa. This GE Hotpoint burner switch kit replaces many different GE infinite switches.

The kit comes with the switch, mounting hardware, and various shaft adapters, break off shaft, and instructions. Use the plastic adapter included in the package that matches the shaft of the old switch.

It has 1/4" terminals marked L1 L2 H1 H2 and P (P is a 3/16" terminal). It is a push to turn switch CW one click to high.

It is designed to replace several switches of this type.

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