GBS120014149 Water Solenoid Valve -Valvula Refrigerador Amana

GBS120014149 Water Solenoid Valve -Valvula Refrigerador Amana
Item# gbs120014149-water-solenoid-valve-valvula-refrigera
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Product Description

Maytag Amana GBS120014149 Refrigerator Water Solenoid Valve -Valvula refrigerador Amana Maytag. This Icemaker Water Fill Valve is a Double Coil Valve designed to fit Maytag made refrigerators.

It has 1/4" Compression fitting on the inlet & 1/4" (under green coil) & 5/16" (under red coil) compression on the outlet.Instruction Sheet, Fittings, Bracket & Tubing Included. #'s on valve are W1, 15W (on Red Coil), W2, 20W (on Green Coil) 110/120V.

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