CTL031 Control Switch -Control quemador resistencia

CTL031 Control Switch -Control quemador resistencia
Item# ctl031-control-switch-control-quemador-resisten
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Product Description

23M249 GE Range Burner Control Switch for CTL031

This Switches purpose is to control the Small Burner. It is rated at 5.4 - 7.0 amp 240 volts.

Numbers on the switch are CTL031, NL811520.

It has a shaft that is a Figure"8" stem & is 5/8" long & it is a push to turn style switch.

It has 5 terminals 4 terminals are 1/4" maile spade and lettered H1, L1, L2, H2, the 5th terminal is 3/16" male spade and is lettered P.

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